Genetic Genealogy/DNA Testing

Note: I have taken the following DNA tests: 23andme, AncestryDNA, and have done both the Family TreeDNA Full Sequence mtDNA and Family Finder. I have also done the DNA Tribes’s SNP Analysis. It is my opinion, that 23andme is the best test, especially for African-Americans and Puerto Ricans, followed by AncestryDNA and then Family TreeDNA. The DNA Tribes SNP Analysis gives a very detailed admixture breakdown.

Before taking any DNA test, I highly recommend reading the International Society Of Genetic Genealogy’s comparison chart first to see the pros and cons of each test.


DNA Testing Companies



Family TreeDNA

DNA Tribes

African Ancestry – This test is only worthwhile if your mtDNA and/or Y-DNA is of African origin.


Third Party Tools For Autosomal DNA:



Jeff Snaverly’s AncestryDNA Chrome extension

23andme Chrome extension

 Kitty Cooper’s Chromosome Mapping Tool


Genetic Genealogy Blogs:

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Genealogy Junkie

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