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Past Speaking Engagements:


November 9, 2017:  


October 18th-21st, 2017 University of Virginia, Charlottesville


September 13, 2017 Belle Haven Club, Greenwich, CT 


August 17, 2017



March 2017:

“My Afro-Dutch and Malagasy Roots: From New Amsterdam to New Jersey,” Part of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society-NJ Lecture Series, Saturday, March 11th, at 3pm, East Orange (New Jersey) Public Library 

“Defending the Byram African-American Cemetery,” Saturday, March 18, at 2pm, Montclair (New Jersey) Public Library


“A Look at Connecticut Slavery Personified: My Lyon-Green-Merritt Ancestors” Sunday, March 26, at 2pm, Greenwich Preservation Trust Heritage Speaker Series, Garden Education Center of Greenwich.


February 2017:


“Don’t Erase Us From History: Why Black Cemeteries Matter,” SaturdayFebruary 25th at 3pm, Laurelton-Queens (Laurelton, Queens, NY) Library 














If you would like to schedule a presentation with me, please contact me at 

I am available to speak on the following topics: 


African-American Genealogy

Puerto Rican Genealogy

Slavery in the North

Free Blacks in the Northeast

Early Black Abolitionists in NJ, NY, & CT

Abolitionism in Connecticut

Greenwich and The Undergorund Railroad

Westchester County, NY and East Port Chester/Rye (Byram) and the Underground Railroad

The Presence of Afro-Dutch and Malagasy Slaves in 17th and 18th Century NY, NJ & CT

The New York to Madagascar Slave Trade in the Late 1600s-Early 1700s

The Afro-Dutch Presence in New Amsterdam

The Historical Importance of African-American Cemeteries

The Fight to Save the Byram African-American Cemetery in Greenwich, CT

Genetic Genealogy for Beginners

DNA Testing for Beginners

DNA Trail from Madagascar to New York/New Jersey

DNA Trail from Madagascar to Virginia



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