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For the past decade, I have been researching my genealogy. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that I began to research my family history in depth. Aided by my third cousin Andrea, I have been able to uncover more than I could have ever imagined about my maternal ancestors. On this side of my family, I am the descendant of slaves, slave owners whose roots trace back to early colonial VA, NY/NJ CT and other New England states, Free People of Color,  Native Americans, European immigrants, early black and white abolitionists and anti-slavery activists, Underground Railroad stationmasters and conductors, educators, businessmen/women, and church founders. It is these ancestors whom I refer to as RADIANT ROOTS. They left a legacy that still shines brightly today.

My parents separated when I was three years old and I was raised by a single mother and her parents.  My father resurfaced, after the death of my mother in 1991, when I was 23 years old. I am thankful that I had a good 10 years getting to know him before he passed away. Because he was an only child and  his parents passed away when I was a toddler, I never knew anyone on his side of the family. But, thanks to DNA testing, I have found my Puerto Rican cousins. BORICUA BRANCHES refers to the Puerto Rican side of my family— a side I am so happy to have rediscovered. 


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    1. Your blogs are so rich and interesting to read. The one today about admixture, really hit home with me as I also knew of some of my admixture, but since doing DNA testing, surprised to learn about some others.

  1. I noticed you mentioned my grandfather’s name, Augustine Van Dunk I My grandfather came to NY in the early sixteenth century. The land Grant was for the Augustine III. I realize you have researched well. There was a name associated with him as wife from then 1600’s. A creole I believe. Email me

  2. My 3rd Great grandmother came to america as a slave
    From Madagascar we only
    Knew her first name Juda
    Or Judy her surname is unknown.

    She was born in 1820 and
    She died 1896 in Gwinnett county Georgia.

    She didn’t speak english
    I was told she came to Virginia and later move to
    Atlanta where she died.

    She married my 3rd Great Grand father he had children in his formal marriage,
    My 3rd Great Grand mother
    And he had twins, Sarah and Finnie Kilgore they were born 1874 in Gwinnett county Georgia.

    Her husband was Thomas Wilson Kilgore I not sure if he was born in Ireland or born in Virginia he was mulatto.

    His birth was 1815 and died he 1895.

    He was born as a slave he was Sold three times first to the Ellison family, second to the studdefild family and the Kilgore family.

    Kilgore brothers came to America from Ireland and Settled in Virginia they brought some slaves with them.

    They bought and sold the
    Slaves between Virginia Georgia and Carolina’s .

    Could you please help me make
    The Connection with my family, your work is very inspiring.
    Here is a photo of my 3rd Great Grand
    Call Arthur Turner at 708477 7326 or
    Email at producerdjart@gmail.com.

  3. Teresa, thank you for sharing your important work. I am descended from a number of Colonial Dutch people with surnames you have listed. Although I have known about slaveholders in my Scots Irish and English ancestry, I’m only now learning the extent of this on the Dutch side. It shamed me, but it’s a piece of understanding the larger picture and complexity of race in our country.

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