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BlackProGen is a group of professional genealogists who research and document African American families and other People of Color. We share research strategies, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and whatever comes to mind while working for clients and in our own research endeavors and through conference and webinar presentations, blogs, podcasts, video, interviews and more.   



2020: Dawn of a New Decade

With the 10s leaving the building and the 20s now on the horizon, a shift of focus is upon us. 2020 means a sixth season with the C.R.E.W. you love and the addition of a new content to keep the people of color voice at the forefront in genealogy and family history. In addition to the BPG episodes you love, there are a couple new things on the horizon.

Some new faces will be joining the panel as well. Please welcome Ressie Luck-Brimmer, Carmen White, Andre Ferrell, and Michael Willis!

NEW! History: Unscripted

History: Unscripted features your favorite panelists, and a guest, discussing pop culture and current events from a genealogy and family history perspective. While this series will still appear on the same YouTube channel, it’s pre-recorded to offer the best experience for general viewers and the C.R.E.W. History: Unscripted episodes are in addition to regular BlackProGen LIVE episodes – there are 25 total episodes for season six!

Be sure to catch the first H:U, set to post on Tuesday, January 28, with special guest, author Anette King.

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What’s a Twitter chat? Well, they’re discussions hosted by an account on Twitter that pose questions or give out prompts around a central theme. Chat participants then tweet their responses using the designated hashtag. In this case it’s #CREWChat.

Each #CREWChat in 2020 will be focused on a particular movie or TV show where the prompts will be focused on how you can identify or track down the family history and genealogy of the characters. There are 17 scheduled!

Catch the first one on Tuesday, January 7, which is all about the movie The Color Purple! Released in 1985, this cultural mainstay stars Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey, Rae Dawn Chong, and more. Then, on January 21, we’ll be talking about about the hit movie Soul Food. #CREWChat takes place at 8pm Central. Be sure to:

  1. follow us on Twitter
  2. download the full schedule; and
  3. join us on Twitter on the designated day and timeand follow the #CREWChathashtag.

BlackProGen Panelists:

Nicka Smith                               Who Is Nicka Smith
Bernice Bennett                       BB’s Genealogy and Educational Services                                           
True Lewis                                  My True Roots
Toni Carrier                                 Lowcountry Africana  and IAAM Center for Family History
Shelley Murphy                           Family Tree Girl
Angela Walton-Raji                     African-Native American Genealogy Blog        
Ellen Fernandez-Sacco                Latino Genealogy and Beyond
Teresa Vega                               Radiant Roots, Boricua Branches
Renate Yarborough-Sanders        Into The Light 
Tasia Cox                                   My Roots My Blog
Linda M. Buggs-Sims                   Mississippi Rooted
James Morgan III
Felicia Addison
Alex Trapps- Chabala                  Kin Connector
Willie Russell IV
Michael Willis                             Rooted in Purpose
Carmen White
Ressie Luck Brimmer                Tracing Gardner’s Footprints
Andre Ferrell

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